When making a decision about hiring a construction company that will be handling the construction of most of your buildings and commercial asset management, it’s a good idea to sit down with the lead contractor and ask a bit of background about the company.  

Construction Company

Here’s a list of questions you need to come prepared with before you make your final decision in choosing your contractor for construction and commercial asset management:

1. How long have you been in the construction industry?

If you’re going to hire a construction company, you would want a contractor who’s been in the trade for years and vouch for them for their experience. Their tenure assures you their expertise in the field and these cannot be compared with other new companies.

2. How many times has this company changed profiles?

If the company has been changing names or changing type of business then you will need to look into it further because this seems like questionable behavior. These changes are the usual signs that this company is trying to hide their pasts. Better do your own research as well regarding the company.

3. What’s your address?

A firm without an address is usually questionable, if they don’t have a permanent address you cannot verify their work and you will be unable to locate them should there be problems that will arise.

4. Are you licensed and registered?

If you will be working with a company that is not registered nor licensed, then this puts you in a lot of risks. There may be cases wherein lawsuits or state law violations may arise in the event you will be working with unregistered and unlicensed construction contractors.  

Licensed and Registered companies also have their benefit and another plus is that if they’re registered to organizations that will express their commitment in the trade. It’s also ideal to check for certifications and accreditations.

5. Can I ask for your references?

The same as hiring employees for your company, these contractors especially since they are working with commercial asset management, they would need viable references in order to build trust with their clients. It would be best if these references can be called or visited at a convenient time for proper inspection of the contractors’ final output.

6. Can you tell me what are your safety practices?

We all know that safety is the most important concern in this type of industry. Working with a contractor who has shown significant importance with safety practices will definitely make you feel more secure and safe with you and your employees.

7. Is your company stable?

This is not a rude question to ask, in fact it is very essential. Your construction contractor should be able to commit to their work and other factors of the project financially as well. If you ask for their credit scores and the status of their financial health, this should give you an idea of whether to engage business with them. If they are not able to provide, it’s better to take the business elsewhere.